some LPNF Vids

Nothing special to edit videos and post to YouTube? It can't be that easy!!

well if its the right file type from your camera you can just upload it to youtube... if you want to edit and put titles and what not you will need a prog or use Windows Movie Maker then upload the file but it takes a little know how.
Also, if you just want to cut and merge clips without re-encoding, there is a proggie out there 'avs video remaker. the free version is fully functional, just limits output to 5 minute videos . I bought the full version, unlimited.
So whose in for tomorrow? See ya all there.

Looks like Loco4x4, You and I for sure. We have a couple more sitting on the fence.

By the way... an Outstanding ride today. I am looking forward to tomorrow as well.

today we had Ed, Greg, Randy, Frank, and myself. Also known as edlang1, 426braap, randy450r, pancho650r, msgtretired. a nice sized group. as I forgot to reset the GPS, I'm guessing we went approx 55 miles.

We had a slight delay in heading up the hill as Frank stopped by Carls Jr. and he didn't even bring us anything after waiting 30 minutes for him.. lol. Once we were on our way it was non stop fun. We went on an intermediate ride with some technical obstacles spewed throughout.

The route was as follows. Went up East Frazier (120), across 8N42 to Arrastra (121). Down Arrastra, which is really torn up. Were gonna have to go back soon with some shovels and do some highly needed trail maintenance. After Arrastra we went up Tejon (122) to Gold Hill (124). Down Goldhill to Piru Creek (128). Across Piru Creek to Lockwood (127). down Lockwood which pretty torn up as well. That's where we passed a line of Jeeps and a few bikes. Incidentally, that was the only other soles we saw. After Lockwood, we went up Long Dave (123), and down Tejon (122). Ed headed uo Whata (131) as he was camped with his family at Chuchupate and we went down to Hungry Valley.

videos will come soon, but got to jump in the shower before the wife shoots me.

Looking forward to riding with these guys again. These guys can ride, I felt like the turtle out there. LOL

Also looking forward to the Mellow ride tomorrow. Riding with friends again, and meeting new ones...
Yes I will be there! Got the new right side radiator and the Unabiker radiator guards mounted. I had a bit of trimming and rebending to do on the guards but I made them fit. The radiator top inlet was a size smaller than the stock one but I had some radiator hose that was also a bit smaller that I made work. No leaks! Of course while taking the fuel line off the petcock it ripped so I had to get a new length of fuel hose to replace it. The tank comes off to mount the rear rad guards to the upper engine mount bolt.
Roost for me:cry:

It's been a week since I've been on either bike, and I feel some grumpy coming on!

I look forward to hearing/seing about the ride. I hope Geek gets some fun ride time in. He is overdue for it:prof:
Roost for me:cry:

It's been a week since I've been on either bike, and I feel some grumpy coming on!

I look forward to hearing/seing about the ride. I hope Geek gets some fun ride time in. He is overdue for it:prof:

We will miss you Sun. I AM overdue though. Up and prepping. See ya all soon. Gonna be a great day.:thumb:
This was one fantastic weekend. Two great days of riding in a row. Riders for today were Loco4x4, Irish Hill, Weathergeek, and myself, msgtretired. woo hoo, I wasn't the oldest. LOL. The weather was great, we had a slight breeze. We met up at Edison. got our introductions out of the way and got ready. We ended up doing a 40 mile loop. We headed up East Frazier (120), across 8N42 to the Lookout. made our way down Whata (131), across Tejon (122). Down Long Dave (123), chilled at the lockwood creek. headed up West Frazier (118), the Tie road (119), down Whata agan, and back to the trucks via Tejon. We passed a few more riders today than yesterday. Wheeew, you gots to be on your guard when taking lead position. a few close calls. Vids from yesterday and today are being uploaded. I feel pretty damn good and lucky that I am able to ride two days in a row. too bad I need to work tomorrow, else it would be three. LOL. Looking forward to riding with these guys again.
Weathergeek had a plan.. stay behind me soas i could miss all his dirt naps.. LOL.

Absofuckinglutely. No, really just didn't want to hold anybody up as I wasn't sure how I would do. Did pretty well though, but am tired and sore now. Am trying to play up the sore. Maybe the wife will cook tonight?:lol:

Ron great meeting you and Steve and had a blast today.:banana::banana::banana: Thanks much.

Oh and for those asswipes, Rez and Rack,:finger::finger: my bike decided to go off trail and down the hill a bit at one point. Had to wait for the calvary to rescue me to get the bike back on the trail.:lol::lol: Great great day. Temps only in the high 70's or so.:prof: