Show us Your Trucks!

Here is my truck the way I want it to be RIGHT NOW!!!


Cruising down the highway, ready for adventure! SIGH...
:lol: Yeah there was just no way that I was going to attempt to load it in the bed. BTW is yours the long or short bed?
well its the 6.4 and the longest bed that they offer for my truck but i guess a "long" bed is 8ft but they have a shorter bed for my truck as well.
very nice ryno :thumb:

not a truck but it's mine =]

05 X EB V10 a major wish list for this thing
but currently it has a kenwood double din, airlift bags in the rear, 3 tv's, K&N intake, HD headlights with 4300 HID's and HID Fogs (from JAT), and 33's