Show us Your Trucks!

Dang lug, that thing is a monster. My wife would have both sides swiped by the first week with that banana. :banana:

Nice truck..:prof:

Ha, I don't even let my wife drive my truck...she has back into two mailboxes and one other truck with the last three trucks I have owned. I bought this truck and I said nope you don't even get to sit in the drivers seat even if don't have the keys in your hand.:lol:
The wifes daily driver:shocked:

Dang that's a nice truck Lug :thumb: No way, no how would I let my wife drive that.
Well, it's not a truck...but here is a pic of my 4x4.



Nice buddy has a Suzuki that he's lifted, tires, geared, etc...but it rides like crap...only way to improve it is to put rear leafs on the front...How does you "SICK" ride? PLUS I'm thinking he wishes he has more room...
I have replaced every component of the front end and the suspension in the runs very smooth. When I bought those was bad right from the factory...but the tire shop went good for it and replaced it for free. :)
Yeah its ifs.......much smoother ride than my sfa toyota......LOL! I was skeptical on it at first...( being a truck girl ) but, the sidekick is a great lil wheeler...the only fallback where to haul a dirtbike. :(
My bro had 2 isuzu troopers......and oh man, they went just about anywhere!.......they always came back from the bush a little more narrowed than when they left :lol:
My folks bought a soft top Samurai back in '88 and it was like a goat; it would go anywhere as long as you weren't in a hurry. At 6'4" I could just about wear it as a roller skate. After a rollover(big surprise) in '92, it was replaced in early '93 with an Explorer Sport that they still have. I gotta say, the first-gen Explorers are damn good 4x4s and under-appreciated at that. Small, lots of torque, rear LSD, and good weight distribution.
1989 f250, 5spd standard, 6in lift, 38x13in bias ply tires powered by a 5.8l. I will be getting my license in probably 4-ish months and it will be my daily driver.