Show us Your Trucks!

Flexing in a ditch

Sitting pretty at work.. With the klx

After getting all washed up
Nice, I went riding yesterday at this place that all kinds of rock crawlers and truck climbing stuff like that. Me and the boy took a nice little break in the shade and watched them for awhile crawl this water fall section. That is pretty cool stuff.:thumb:
Great stuff...I couldn't tell if any of you had a cage inside the cabs...You've got the outside protected but the most important part (you and your passengers) aren't...having watched the KOH races it doesn't take much to roll on the rocks which are not very forgiving...they (I'm sure you know) leave a much bigger "mark' than dirt or sandl...just some friendly advise. I don't have one in my Bronco however I stay away from the big rock sections. I try and keep it level...:thumb: Be Safe! :ride:
Great stuff...I couldn't tell if any of you had a cage inside the cabs
Thanks man.

And no I don't have a cage...yet. Won't be putting one in either until I put a SA up front....unless i can find a smoking deal that i can't turn down. You are absolutely right about those KOH guys and flopping over. At this point with IFS I will be breaking CV's before I can get myself into a situation where I need to worry about rolling. Don't see my rig making it up Backdoor anytime soon :lol:. That being said, none of us (rock crawling) IFS guys have cages in our trucks.