Show us Your Trucks!

Thanks man.

And no I don't have a cage...yet. Won't be putting one in either until I put a SA up front....unless i can find a smoking deal that i can't turn down. You are absolutely right about those KOH guys and flopping over. At this point with IFS I will be breaking CV's before I can get myself into a situation where I need to worry about rolling. Don't see my rig making it up Backdoor anytime soon :lol:. That being said, none of us (rock crawling) IFS guys have cages in our trucks.

1st - :shocked:...WOW ....:smirk:
2nd me neither in my Bronco...been looking aroudn for a factory partial bar but not luck. Could have one made but he wants...roughly $2500 for a cage...

But speaking of Backdoor...I didn't care of r watching them try and go up it...very few made it without winching...last year when they came down, now THAT was fun to see!
You haven't had any problems with it yet?

looks nice:thumb:

Why would he?????

I had a 04 (yes it had a HEMI)..I had no problems for the 3 years I owned it. Heard all kinds of stories of Dodges interior fallign apart, trannies busting...:blah:.:blah:.:blah: ... I got rid of it and went Chevy because it wasn't comfortable on long trips...:prof:...

I think Dodge makes a great truck. :thumb:

Finally made it over here huh..Welcome aboard..........hope you enjoy your stay! :thumb:

Cool video, and nice to see you using that truck like it's intended! Why was it on the back of a tow truck though??????

It's been reviewed(this was on TT too) and the people driving those were going over what was essentially a huge river bed berm. Way too big for the speed they were going. You gotta give it to the raptor(I saw the dumbasses video doing it), it was taking more than it was built for hitting and it still handled great.
I just watched the video and a hit like that would probably have kicked me off of my bike. I think it happens every year with the L.A.-Barstow-Vegas ride. I side with with SVT; they were going too fast for an unfamiliar road.

Do you think this guy hit the bump stops? :smirk: