Rack & Gang Ride Report - Spangler Hills 10-19-2010 to 10-24-2010

It started out with myself and Captian Pumpkin and we headed for the "Football Field". This is the first trip of the season for our families. This year several DBA members joined us making the trip an epic adventure!

This would also be the breakin ride for my son "G Man" on his new 2008 KTM 85 XC :thumb:

Camp for the next 5 days :banana:

Missy Girl my wifes favorite

more to follow
Notice the wet ground! We drove through a crazy storm to get here. Usually this time of year it is 80 degrees and we are wearing shorts during the day looking for shade. The wet dirt made for some great traction.

Here is G Man, Captian Pumpkin and his son with the train crossing in the background

Yama_dawwg and Captian Pumpkins son

There were a few water puddles here and there and the kids just could not help themselves


G Man

Captian Pumpkin running sweeper behind his son

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Here they come

There they go :wave: I was following behind snapping a few pics and looking for any Dirt Nap Pic opportunities :devil:

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We are headed to one of my favorite little tech sections. It's so short but lots of fun.

This is in front of me

And here is the group coming up behind me

Yamadawgg coming up through the section

Captian Pumpkin giving G Man a little help

I had to put the camera away and help G Man and Captian Pumpkins son as their wheels just aren't bigh enough to handle the step up.

Here are the boys after they all cleared the section, I have moved down into the crack of the trail.

It's Captian Pumpkins turn

And everyone made it and off we go :banana:

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On the way back to camp we stopped at a place we call the "Soccer Field" so G Man could take some corners

I need to get the pics off of yama_dawwg's and Captian Pumpkins cameras to add to the report :thumb:
Wednesday night brought another downpour of rain to keep the desert nice and wet :banana:
Here are a few pics of sunrise over our camp Thursday morning

Captiian Pumpkin's set up

Captian Pumpkin brought a pumpkin so my wife did some carving :hail:

Captian Pumpkin and G Man

Gary from www.wilsonsmc.com showed up with another friend and we all went for a nice ride

Here we are on top of Sand Hill

And an action shot of Gary roosting me

more to follow

From here we headed to Cross Hill


Captian Pumpkin

Garys friend giving the suspension on the 690 a work out watch the compression of the front shocks

Yama_dawwg had a little trouble at this section. Need to post this in the dirt nap thread too :prof:

Now watch his front suspension :smirk:

And with that sudden stop comes this :devil:

Random pics as we are headed off to a new section that I have never been on :thumb:

Starting to work our way down the canyon

Captian Pumpkin

Here is yama_dawgg dropping off of a ledge directly into the rock face in front of him. He is lucky he didn't crash or break something on the bike

Taking a break before we head back to camp

Thursday night Onelugnut and Weathergeek joined us.

Here we are getting ready for a group ride to Bickel Camp, The Talc Mines and the Bonanza Trail. If I remeber right it was about 61 miles.

Mrs Cap'n Punkin


Lug Jr

Captian Pumpkins son

G Man

Captian Pumpkin

Lugs Rhino with a bunch of kids in it

Mrs Rack

We had to stop and take a break here because Onelugnuts Rhino died back on the trail

more to follow