Most asked dirt bike questions and answeres. Post em up: informative.

"My 4 year old son/daughter is doing pretty well on his/her bicycle - they are almost ready to take the trainng wheels off so I think they should be good to start racing this season. I am buying a KX 65 and I want to make sure they will be competitive. My question is, what mods can I do to make sure it has enough hit?"
Why not just get a 85?
My tires say max load rating is at 35 psi. Should I run that pressure?

Will my (stock) bike go faster $12 a gallon super race fuel?
Using Motul Gold Tech oil....and I never run my tire pressures full, its front 10psi and rear 15psi...

And about the KTM......I ride a K...but its Kawasaki...hehehehehe.....