Most asked dirt bike questions and answeres. Post em up: informative.

What kind of engine/tranny oil should I use in my 4 stroke

Synthetic or standard ?

Expensive or inexpensive ?

What's the best oil ?

Is the new Rotella standard, good oil ?

What oil do you use ?

Thought I would start the first one of a millinon oil threads to come.
When the new Rotella came out I bought two cases of the old stuff. I will run out in another few oil changes. The most important thing about it is to wear your tinfoil hat while filling the bike. It's the only way to be sure.:banana::lol::banana:
"My 4 year old son/daughter is doing pretty well on his/her bicycle - they are almost ready to take the trainng wheels off so I think they should be good to start racing this season. I am buying a KX 65 and I want to make sure they will be competitive. My question is, what mods can I do to make sure it has enough hit?"