Pro Let's talk about James Stewart

Does anyone remember when James Stewart landed on the back of RC?
Does anyone remember when James Stewart threw a whip and knocked another guy off his bike, and later on in the same race ran into reed and broke his own wrist?
And lastly Did anyone see today when James Stewart tripled a jump and landed on the back of Thomas on the Suzuki?

Is it just me? Or does it seem like James Stewart rides like he owns the track, also I used to have respect for the man because he used to be poor and actually worked his way up through the ranks. Well all my good thoughts about him have dwindled away and they also are now 'used to be' whatever quotes. And to end my rave I think i'll talk about his new show "Bubba's World", which in my oppinion made him look like trash. And is one of the worst SCRIPTED shows on television. Well, that's all so everyone can now have fun arguing or agreeing with me. :ride:
LOL, yes that would've been great. Do you remember when James got like 20'th place in a moto this summer? Erin Bates tried to ask him a question and he went barging into to his fancy rig. It look'd like he wanted to start crying. :lol:


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Remember when he crashed with tedesco and got up and entered the track and got T-boned ? Might of been that he crashed and tedesco is the one who t boned him ?And James was never poor. God I wish Bates would of caught him today and asked him what happened! :lol: Bates: "James how'd it feel getting lapped today ? Did the guys say hi as they passed you ?

Ok finally got that out of my system. :smirk: BTW can't forget about Malcolm's crash.

D8K you're right about the Bubba's World show, I do however watch it when there's nothing else on. :devil:
I lost all respect for Stewart years ago.
He's fast, when he keeps it on 2 wheels, he crashes quite frequently, usually injuring others around him, imo its a sign of immaturity and not a sign of a champion, not the type of champion that is Ricky Carmichael and Jeremy McGrath.
He also hasn't seriously raced any nationals, look at Reed, he raced the nationals for Suzuki for free, this year he's running his own gig, the man loves his sport and does it for no other reason than he loves it, if Stewart wanted to race, I'm sure he wouldn't have any problems doing similar. It is for that reason regardless of who's faster minus crashing, which btw they have the same amount of championships, don't bother with the "well bubba crashed out" nobody deserves an * next to their championship, 20 solid laps for every race of the season wins championships, not the fastest lap time for one event. I will always root for guys of the likes of Reed, Dungey, Vilipoto, and Canard because Stewart
A) Runs his mouth
B) Constantly injures others
Nice Vid TWS, thanks for posting that! :thumb: A great reminder of what a phuch stick he really is.

Warning: racial stereo typing begins here!
My opinion of Bubba isn't a good one and I have NO respect for him.. at all!
Yes he is fast and has talent but that does nothing for you if you have no class or respect for others!
No one will ride with him other than the guys that he pays....he has this family possy that rides on his coat tails, he talks about how great he is and how no one can touch him. He's a brat and very uppity.:rant:
Windham like everyone, gets along with everyone. Has BBQs with everyone....He can't stand James.
Watch the vid when he lands on RC's back... even RC is like WTF!:foul: Jackass!
I'll leave you with this...