Insanity by Beach Body...

Nuttin for nuttin red, you’re funnier than shit, but I commend you for your valiant effort.:thumb:

Wouldn't it be easier to Binge and Purge?:smirk:
Just messin with you buddy, I will never exercise-power to you.

:lol: yeah totally didn't eat or drink right that day... last night was a rest night and todays just the fit test again to see how much i've improved...
Red I'm very proud of you for staying with the program. :thumb: I am doing the lesser known but, equally challenging program, "Insanity By Lounge Body". I haven't lost much weight yet but, I do bust out a great Perry Como impression when someone pours me a scotch on the rocks. :thumb:
alright! Day 15 in the books! I upped my stats on the Fit Test that you do every two weeks by quite a bit in a couple exercises but some i still am struggling with. Some how i've lost alot pushup strength (probably due to my fractured wrist) so the pushup jacks are insane! oh well i'm gonna keep on keeping on! no weight loss though :-(
:lol: there might have been a couple pounds my scales old. Yes food and drinks get in my way but im pretty sure I've lost an inch or so cause my stomach feels tighter, pants are starting to fall off and I blew away my previous numbers during the fit test from the first day.
Day 16... i'm so burnt out... my calves got so tight right off the bat and i kinda moped around doing the exercises cause i couldn't get them un cramped. I stretched every little break we could get but nothing helped.... i'm still sitting down most of the day not being active though so tomorrow i'm going to try and do alot more walking and maybe run a mile or two when i get up so i'm more stretched and ready for the program.
Day 18 Cardio Recovery done! this has got to be my least favorite dvd! lol... just cause it's all slow yoga type stuff and it kicks my ass :lol: i should be able to bend that way!

was getting pretty discouraged cause of the no weight loss but i had lunch with a lady friend and her bf today and they both kept looking at me when i walked in and then when i got to the table they were like "wow what happend your hella thinner..." lol.. made my day :banana:
Day 19... drank some Poweraid as directed to keep my stamina up and me relaxed... I'm either getting a cold or that didn't work at My throat got tight and was having a hard time breathing... pushed through on most of it but still having leg problems. Noticed when i looked down though my calves are getting a lot bigger so thats good i hope! lol...
I've been wanting to try this actually. Just for the sake of it. Where did you manage to get the full set for free? :shocked: it's like...120 bucks new