Insanity by Beach Body...

i threw up 10min into anyone else seen or tried this program? i'm gonna start it again next monday because today was a bad day, woke up with a sinus infection and hadn't drank any water so i chugged a 1.5L bottle right before i i'm going to try and hydrate this week and go on some jogs so i can prepare for it better.



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I have been watching the infomercials... I think I threw up just watching the ad. It's the one workout that has interested me, but overdoing it puts me off to working out. Let me know if you are insane. -BIG DAN
In the helmet, in the house, where else? You get car sick too?:puke:

lol... i've just been sick lately, when i threw up in my helmet it was after taking weight loss pills and drinking a couple whiskey and cokes. I get car sick when my dad drives but not when i drive cause i'm like twice as fast and twice as smooth as
ok starting it up again tomorrow with a couple buddies! we're all doing it at our own houses one's pretty thin and the others pretty fat and i'm in the middle so we'll see what kinda results we all get from it!

PS: 300 posts!!! :banana:
ok Day 1 in the books! i don't know why i throw up so easily but hopefully i'll work it out of my system... :smirk: it was so bad that i almost couldn't do just the stretches at the end for a cool down so we'll see what tomorrows workout holds for me! who new 25min could kill you! lol...

PS: i hate the feeling you get when your ears plug up, your head starts getting light and then everything starts getting dark... :shocked:
You shouldnt be puking....
How bad a shape are you in?

not that bad... i think i've just got some internal stuff wrong with me. I posted my Fit Test results and the one person i know that has done it said it was pretty good for the first time taking it.
Day 2 in the books :banana:

i'm considering going to the doctor to see why i'm throwing up still... it's straight bile no food so thats pretty bad i'm guessing...
Day 3 in the books! almost did'nt do it and technically it's day 4 already but i did it! lol... i gotta stay a lot more active tomorrow to keep stretched out during the day because as soon as i started the warm up in got cramps in my legs... this program works your legs a lot! no blacking out or throwing up today so screw the doctors i'm going for it! lol...