I agree....last year spent 2 days in icu bc I thought I was better than I really am. Puts you back in your place real fast. Now I am trying to keep my son from doing the stupid shit I do and did but I think he is crazier than me. We are going to try and get him racing but I don’t know much about the system. I was always the back yard rider. My boy is pretty good well that’s compared to the other kids his age around where we live.
Lmao do you call your bike big dan
Uh.. I may have to now.
yeah my son is a little more ambitious than I am. Here he is a 17 yrs old, SECOND LAP on the day hucking 80’ First ride fresh off knee surgery.

I told him to take it easy, I just didn’t say take it easy ALL DAY not for just one lap. Reckless terd
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Dude that is awesome. My boy is 14 and I just showed him that pic and he said dad
That’s what I want to do. Feel free to post pics bc we think they are bad ass.
First show him this..

and then show him this

...and this

Yeah, it’s worth it. But still not fun when you have to have your mom wiping your butt when your 19 years old. Yes, two years after the knee. It’s a rough sport.
Dude that is rough. My boy wreck last year and about tour his arm off. How do you get them good pics. Lane just said dad we are hitting the jumps tomorrow bc I want you to get pics like that


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