My son has a long way to go to even think about the pro stage. He just been talking about racing for a long time now. We go to tracks and mess around and he does really good (again that’s against regular riders). The money is what I was worried about. We are not poor but not rich by any means. My brother and myself do all the maintenance to the bikes. We have a nice garage that my dad had left us. He owned a trucking business before he past away so we have been turning wrenches since knee high. If we wanted 20 bucks when we was little you worked for it no freebies from him but I learned a lot from that man. Update on the 93 kx125 got the crank and rebuilt it now it’s at a shop to get balanced. Dude I can’t wait to see that rip. Heard a lot of good things about the 93 other than the parts being hard as hell to find.