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It has come to my attention that the forum's new photo size limit has some folks getting errors. Ultimately, this deters members from contributing to the forum as often as they would like, and I would like to mitigate the suffering and promote the best content possible.

The photo limit is 1280x1024 pixels or 600KB.


Here are some ways to edit down the photos via your computer or phone

Microsoft Paint is installed on 99% of Windows based computers and has 3 click resizing.
Open the image in Paint.

Click Resize.

Type 1280 into the horizontal, as long as the 'maintain aspect ratio' is checked, the image will remain the same aspect.

Save the image (replacing it's original file if you so choose) and upload as normal.
Yes, you have to have the image on your computer to follow this method, but you may want to crop the image for better content focus.

Another method is on your iPhone
IOS does not yet allow for image resizing. WTF.
I found that either cropping the image to bring down the total size, or using a third party app was the only method of "upload on the go."

If you don't/can't crop the image and would prefer to upload on the move, I suggest a free photo resizing app available in the app store. They are easy and fast to install, take up no space on your phone, and literally have one function: Resizing your images quickly and easily. Here are two choices I found easy to use.
Resize it free
Resize Image

One downside to using these apps is that they make a new, smaller photo in your library, instead of replacing the larger one. I found this to be cluttersome, but definitely could tell the two photos apart in my library.

Anyways, I wanted to try and help by offering some (somewhat roundabout) solutions to uploading photos that are too large for the database.
If you have a question, different program, different phone, or different error please post up here and I'll do a quick tutorial with your particular equipment.
Please keep this thread solely on topic.
-BIG DAN:thumb:
What I've been doing on my iPhone is emailing the picture to myself. Before sending the pic the phone will give an option to re-size it. The options are small, medium, large, or actual size. I choose the large option and upload it to the forum. Once the picture is posted I delete the emailed pic from my phone to reduce clutter. It isn't too big of a hassle and has been working so far.


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James mentioned the new update allows for larger files. For example, this photo is 3.6 Mb taken at the family ranch on the river.

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Thank Dan!

Our forum software made some changes awhile ago that I missed, which will automagically resize big photos, providing I make a change on the server.

If anyone still gets the too big error please let me know! You must have access to the Hubble Telescope or something lol