Gremlins at OW.

Travace has the video footage. A pretty good trip if you take out the Gremlins. Saturday we got in about 90 miles. Superstion via Fish Creek and back.After lunch at the Blu in headed out to the muds hills and South Sand dune wash. Trav earlier in the day at a rest stop pulled something in his side and on our last ride was puking.We left late and made alot of stops due to travs condition. No one stopped at a turn on our last ride so we got seperated at dusk.I feel bad cause I didn't make the turn and I knew which one it was but I thought they could of missed it or decicded not to take I went straight.Rhino came back looking for me wich put them into the dark.Not to far away from camp when trav's bike stalled Rhino Roof was riding on the road with no light and got ran off the road by two quads riding side by side. He tried to get off the road and washed out bad tweeking his front end and hurting his wrist.Trav finally got his bike started and back to camp.The Neighbors had the SX race on so we got to watch.With all the stuff that happened Saturday and a finicky KTM we were done. So we packed up and headed home.

On the way home right after turning onto the 86 I pulled over to roll up my passenger widow that was cracked open and whisteling. No big deal right? Well the border patrol saw me and followed me past Salton City where he finally lit me up.That was like 10 miles earlier. He asked me why I pulled over there,where am I coming from, who was I with and where is he and is there any drugs in the car.The last question sucked.My first ansewer was no until he smiled and asked are you sure. Damn Chronic stinks alot. well he gave me two options,have the sherriff come over or dump it out.Well I sure don't need to talk to the sheriff so I dumped out my "Obama" and got on down the road with no ticket. Funny thnig is I had some prescription pain pills and paraphanella that he saw and didn't say nothing about.

So while we were loading up my index finger was itching thought nothing of it and a couple other small itches.Chaulked it up to a mosquito bite. Got home and noticed more itching and hives and itching in my butt crack.By this time I'm going no mosquito bit me this much and not in my butt crack.

Ends up I got a Allergic reaction to something And it was so bad I went to Urgent care and the doc wanted me to check into the Hospital for fear of my throat swelling shut.I haven't gone yet the meds have helped but my eyes are swelling shut today.

Gremlins at OW.:devil:
WTF.... that sucks it got worse for you on the way home and after. SOAB. hope you are ok and i feel really bad about rhino :( if it wasnt for me he wouldnt have been in that situation.

good thing we didnt go ride in the morning as well cause my kickstart bolt was gone. and what a SOAB about the cop :(... next time ill bring the smoke.

ohh and i talked to some people about my bike stalling like it was and they said that it could be cause the gas tank wasnt getting ventillation with the way the vent hose comes out of the cap wraps under the frame then back up and into the frame... remember that one tube you were trippin on becuase it went into the frame? that is what that is. I havent gone and tested it with it off yet but i remember thinking that it was quite odd that it would make a hiss when i removed the gas cap.
WOW, remind me to NEVER use the bathroom after you. Bed bugs are pretty bad right now because of the cotton from china. look out for the new undies you may have. KTM....oops, we routed the vent the wrong way and it got pinched...Vapor locked for sure. Seen it happen to any make with the new vent to canister to frame to intake to exhaust. The CARB way you know...
FUCKERS to bad you had to waste the obama..Get the card....
palmer hit it on the head. i just got out of the garage where i got into it and noticed that the tank was smashed down on it. they put it over the little roller the tank sits on instead of under :picard:. Easy fix.

I did notice tho. i was wrong about my earlier statement and palmer knows what hes talking about apparently :P
Sorry for such a crappy trip TWS. I hope what you threw out was less $ then the ticket would of been. Now I know NEVER to pull over on 86. That sucks.

Good Ol Vapor Lock! You only wish most problems were that easy huh, Trav?
Sorry for such a crappy trip TWS. I hope what you threw out was less $ then the ticket would of been. Now I know NEVER to pull over on 86. That sucks.

Good Ol Vapor Lock! You only wish most problems were that easy huh, Trav?

yea wish i would have known about this Vapor lock shit when i was out there. It was pretty obvious now that i think back because everytime i took that cap off it made that vacuum air rushing sound. :picard:
Puking, itchy butt crack, swelling eyeballs. :devil: What do they serve at the Blue Inn anyways? :thinking:

Chronic Obama's.................makes your butt itch and eyes slam shut! first it's...:wow: ...then it's...:crazy:...then it's....:shocked:...and finally...:wink: (starts one eye at a time.)
ahhhhh! :cry: :foul: