450F Brand new 2008 kx450f

Well, brand new in the fact it had never been registered.
It was a 'press release' demo, with two tanks of gas on it.

I had a HORRIBLE time getting it to run well.

  • Hanging idle
  • stalling
  • smoking
  • no throttle response
But I figured it out.............and put on the 'minimum' accessories while in the process...:banana:
Very,very nice.!:thumb:
That's a great year 450! A very roomy bike :thumb: The first year it came stock with black rims and before it gained some weight with efi. I think the chain guards all so wear better on these pre 09 years. Nice choice of chain and well worth the money.Sprocket(what brand) too. I like the dual ringed sprocket and t-ring set sup. Our 250 has mega hours on a set up like this except it is did xring and renthal twin ring. Both the X and my bike have the T-ring, the 06 x is still the stock chain with over 250hrs.My bike has 170 hrs on the t-ring/steel sprocket and I never really adjust any of them. Good chain and worth the money.:thumb:

Sooooooooo ? why did we pick this bike up ? :thinking: your other bikes are hondas ? :rolleyes:

Nice bike great score! It'll be good to to ya. It' looks sweet and freash.

Why the KX? Why not a CRFR?
Handling, Size, and price.

The CRF450R (2008) would have been my first choice, but the front end is too light, and the bike is too small for me. And it's $1000+ more expensive.

I had a 2002 CRF450R and didn't like it. Too cramped. The newer ones a much better bikes, especially the '08, but still to 'tiny' and unplanted front end feel for me.

I had a '03 and '07 WR450 and really like the planted feeling of the front end, but the bike was also a bit small for me. Great for single track, but I couldn't see using it in the desert much. Tried it twice, but the 450X was much better.

The X is a great bike. A real 'dirt cadillac'. But when you are traveling really fast and hit rough stuff, you have to be so incredibly 'braced' just to get through it, it gets very tiring.

The KX just flies. Flies over whoops. Flied over road crossings. Stops much shorter than the X. It's fun. And it should, cause it's 76lbs lighter than my X!! The X has more power though. It has more and wider power than the KX does, but the KX is lighter and faster reving, so it feels much faster.

Looking forward to trying it out again next week, with a taller seat.
One of the biggest improvements is the very expensive R&D Powerbowl II. It makes the throttle response so much better, and the bike runs way better and partial throttle. It's smooth as silk.


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That's a sweet looking bike speakerman, good job snagging it. :ride:

So what was wrong with it that it wasn't running right?

Hey TWS isn't this the same year as your 450?
That's a sweet looking bike speakerman, good job snagging it. :ride:

So what was wrong with it that it wasn't running right?

Hey TWS isn't this the same year as your 450?

Geez, where do I start?

Here's the list:

- fouled plug
- varnished pilot jet
- 2 year old gas in tank (!!!)
- accelerator pump linkage turned in all the way (no squirt)
- Aluminum fuel screw (oxidized from shit gas)
- and the best one of all: a stock airfilter with petroleum based filter oil, in the filter for 2 years, The filter looked brand new, until you touched it. Then it stuck to your hand and wouldn't let go..........yuck...

So I went nuts:

- R&D remote fuel screw
- R&D Power Bowl with adjustable leak jet
- New plug
- new pilot jet
- adjusted leak to about 50
- adjusted apump linkage to be maximum, without hitting slide
- No Toil air filter

...and did a few other things:

- DID VT2 chain
- Supersprox 50t sproket
- MSR chain block and swingarm strip (very cool stuff)
- Protaper RM mid bars with Protaper risers (this will get changed / not high enough)
- ASV rotator clamps
- Cyra hand guards
- New rear fender (someone put a Metal Butt-lisha black fender on it)
- Guts Racing Tall seat (not here yet)
- Revloc Dynaring Autoclutch (not here yet)

This thing is going to be awesome!!:banana:


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Looks like at was a pretty cheap fix then, that is until you went nuts on the add-ons. :lol:

Those ASV rotator clamps work like magic when you go down, haven't bent or broken any levers since installing them. :thumb:

50T sprocket? What's the stock teeth on a 450f?
The factory says it's 220.0 lbs stock, dry.
That would make it about 235 wet.
Add the 'stuff' that's on it, and going on it, at about 245 soaking wet with 2.7gal tank.
That's without HD tubes, and Dunlop 739AT rear tire (that adds about 7 lbs right there).

Seeing as how my 450X weighs in at 297 wet, with no tools, It's a no brainer.
how did you get the acerbis skid plate to fit? I thought they don't make them for the 06-08 bikes.

It fits no problem. Lines up with the factory mounting points to the pre-drilled holes in the skid. No left front mount stock, but it doesn't seem to need one.

It's not a very 'burly' skid plate. I would not trust it on "monster big-boy" run. A very pointy boulder could easily penetrate the plastic. I saw it happen to Johnny Jenson'z CRFX. But I thought I'd try it out.