Other 1993 Yamaha WR500 Teardown/Overhaul


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Dan, is there a reason you didn't go with this type of rear light setup? There is no issue with the wires on this as I have been running this on my WR ever since I dual sported it.
This one was $4 shipped from El China. I had it laying around from another project. I don't expect this one to last very long.
That style is what I'll end up with, most likely. -BIG DAN:thumb:
BIGDAN the first thing that goes wrong is the weight on the stock fender... can sometimes fold down on a jump and tear the shit out of everything when the tire catches your screws or wires.

I have tried a half dozen of those tail pieces... this is the best one so far... adds strength to the fender and costs very little.

Made by Polisport... and only $22 at RMATV

Have a couple of them in the garage... you can check it out next time you are over.



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Little update.
Found a video on YT about a good dirtbike battery (non-starter)... Well, turns out I work with the kid everyday.

Anyway, 2 years later, these batteries are still going strong and stay charged for months. I was sold.

Here I have made my own Test Prototypes. 3 ten cell 2.5Ah 12v batteries


Wired in parallel, 7.5 Ah for any emergency lighting situations. Weighs only 19 oz. in total. :wiggle:


Bird's nesting it in the hood.


Installed the horn, it's really loud.

Doesn't look too bad. :noidea:

So, I am waiting for my headlights and the final modifications to this hood before I paint it.
I am waiting for my Regulator Rectifier so I can operate the bike (slight chance of a headlight ticket) around town during daylight hours.
-BIG DAN:thumb:
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Big D That is awesome. I especially dig the fans for the 4T cooling application. Also If you havent started yours yet. I would use Nickle metal or nickle cadmium batteries that you could recharge instead of having to remanufacture when it looses its voltage.