Other 1993 Yamaha WR500 Teardown/Overhaul


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Well, Here it begins!
After 22 months and 220 estimated hours since last rebuild, I have decided to check, measure, inspect, scrutinize, fix, rig, chooch, and overhaul my beauty!
This may take some time but should be interesting to say the least.
There will be some powdercoating, trick parts, and ALOT of bearing changes.
Sorry, my Batteries ran out in the GoPro... So I switched over to the regular camera... :picard:
-BIG DAN:thumb:
DAYEM biggy D, doing it all I see. :thumb: can't wait to see it done :goofy: :popcorn::wiggle:

Fat bars
New Pipe
Custom graphics
power coated frame, tripple tree, chain guide, linkage
New clear desert tank
New sprocket set and gold chain
polished swing arm, brake calipers, shock resevoir, fork chambers, pipe guard
New frame guards

:thinking: What else am I forgetting?
Come on Mike, Just because its Big Dan doesn't mean you can't shat bricks because he didn't wash and triple wax it before he tore it down. :smirk:

I was gonna say something about how clean it should be, but then I realized it was Tenacious D. The only guy that I know of on the west coast that can turn a milk crate of ball bearings and sledge hammers into a Gixer750 so I can ride Bitch and give other people the finger. So my comment would have been useless and an Acme Piano would have been dropped on my head.