Other YZ426 Build

I just could not get a break from broken bolts, thanks a lot factory lock tight....

Broke this sucker off even though I used a manual impact with the Philips bit. The threads were all junked. Anyways the head ended up breaking off and luckily this time just used pliers and Hercules strength :D

Then chased the threads with a tap and oil

Cleaned out the engine case and smacked out the bearings, the crank bearing is incredibly tight even with a propane torch. One side is ready for new bearings the other sucks and has one stupid blind bearing I can't remove cause I don't have a slide hammer/bits.... Looks like Itl be a day or so before I go to the shop n get that pulled out.

Also sand blasted my header, muffler, exhaust pipe and heat guard. The new high heat paint (2000 degree resistance) is coming in the mail around Friday) painting it all flat aluminum color with the guard being black.

its been a few months! time for an update!!

and pictures! :wink:

had a trip in augest havn't gotten to go in september or October..(school screws up my rides!)
:( friends couldn't make it so trip was canceled... if anyone is up for this weekend a day trip to Gorman or somthing let me know! :wink:

anyways here are more pics of the bike! also i painted my clutch cover and finally painted/modded/installed my Pro Circuit stator cover! check it out!

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Installed the DR. D hot start lever from the other 426 I got

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Finally got around to painting and modifying/installing my Pro Circuit cover, I thought about how to paint this thing for along time, I originally wanted to powder coat it but finally realized its abit over kill and I can paint it if do

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BBR Exhaust tip shined up by a wire wheel and installed, also from the other 426.

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This was after the trip above where it was in the desert, the Augest trip :)

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The covers came out better then i planned I was really happy to see how the pro circuit cover came out. I prep sanded it alot, did three coats of primer, 3 coats of black, and took a tiny wire wheel on a dremmel and by hand ran it over the lettering to rip the paint and primer off and shine it up, looks just like I had hoped! :)

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The clutch Cover also looks Great! for this one I also did sanding, 3 coats of primer and black, and then took a tiny paint brush and by sprayed the blue into a cap and hand painted in the lettering and even the magnesium part :wink: 3 coats of blue, it came out well but the paint i used wasnt light enough... i like the look but I was hoping it would "pop" more, i tryed matching the bike's frame paint wich it matched untill i put the matte clear coat on to seal it... it took away any shine and dulled the finish more then i exspected, oh well it still does look cool! :) specially out in the sunlight!

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I can't wait to one day see a full beautiful FMF powerbomb header and powercore silencer on this side of the engine, the stock header is so fugly :'( also blue radiator hoses!

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If you still have the pro circuit cover and want to sell it call me 518-593-5260 I have the matching clutch cover and can't find the stator cover anywhere