Women and Dirt Bikes? Whats the deal?

Hey guys and gals I have noticed alot of ladies do MX but shy from the trail stuff. Why? Heck I rather be on my own then worry about 20 other riders landing on me when I whipe out or something.

Anyways just curious why the girls that do ride, ride mx and aren't fond of trail riding and what not?


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:noidea: I always thought more girls rode trails, but what do I know. It might have something to do with the :cool: factor or maybe their BF's suckered them in. :smirk: Or maybe, it pains me to say this, but I think tracks are actually pretty easy to learn on, UNTIL you start jumping that is. :ride: No big-ass rocks to kill you. :P
my wife learned by trail riding with the guys, we waited for her and showed her how, this was back in the late 80s. She tried MX once in the 80s too and didnt like it. She still is riding and keeps up pretty good and can do most things the guys do at her young 52yrs old.
I must be finding all the wrong girls then. :lol: I just keep running into gals that do the MX and not the trail stuff. :rolleyes: I'm setting up the boat trailer to haul two bikes also. My plan is to hook it up to the truck and camper and go for the weekend. Maybe boat one day and hit trails the next. This way I'm always ready to roll. :smirk: Just can't find any gals that like the trail stuff.....:thinking: (Whats wrong with girls these days :lol:)
There are alot of flattrackhers. But all we do is turn left and ride in ovals..... Ive seen girls riding trails but 90% of the time there on play bikes like crf230f's ttr125's and the rumored to exist ttr230 :smirk: the only girl i know who can actually ride mx is nickle492...
I don't buy pink gear, who ever designed that was a guy, obviously. Red, white, and black.

Those are my colors in anticipation of my NEW Husky...old one "was" the yellow, blue and white...now it's black and white with some blue graphics. :ride: