Which car or cars???

Since I'm going through a separation and divorce after years of misery I decided to set some material goals for myself in the upcoming year.
Granted, I have my Awesome collection of Smokers :thumb: but I want something just a little more..:devil: For the last 2 yrs I really struggled to make ends meet... between gov't cheese checks and odd jobs, while not letting the future exwife peer into my life I managed to set myself up again in business. I had to start from ground zero and I'll spare you the long a discouraging story of how I went from stoked to broke in just 4 years.... Anyway, one of my goals is to get a nice car. I used to buy a new one every 1-2 yrs because usually the wife wrecked 'em... another long story. Anyway, I think a new used car would be the way to go once I'm comfy again... I'm thinking summer, maybe early fall would be a good time to buy for me... and this is what I had in mind....




Now I know the first 2 are like all status symbollic and crap like that, but I was just thinking of easy driving (plus I'll be taking care of my mom more than likely) long distances and cross country and what not. I have a Chevy Blazer and a Ford powerstroke for everday driving and hauling...

I like the Mustang because I have always loved Mustangs and owned one before the wife made me sell it :naughty:for marriage money.... However I can't just throw some suitcases in it and head for Florida mid January, now can I??????

Now fuel consumption is a big deal for me as well as the carbon footprint.... Yeah I'm environmentally conscious yet I ride/race 2 strokes...(Yes they do have a smaller carbon footprint.:prof:)

What do you guys think? any ideas? I will be buying used and pre-certified
Thanks :ride:
Mclaren slr.JPG

I was looking at this little Mclaren SLR badboy when I was down south over the holidays. Might be just the ticket for you M33 - sporty, understated, stylish, good towing capabilities, plenty of cargo space - pretty much everything you could want for those quick spins down to the corner store. The best news was that this used one was listed for only slightly north of 400 large. I'm guessing they would be willing to sharpen up their pencil a little. You're welcome in advance. :thumb: