Other Where's the best place for DESERT TANKS?


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I have a 1993 Yamaha WR500 (2T) and have had an extremely hard time finding aftermarket fuel tanks.
I'm looking for a larger tank like 5-6 gallon(100+ miles), as stock is only 3.7 gallons (65 miles).
Any color is fine, any brand, any price. I haven't found anything. SOMEONE HELP! -BIG DAN:thumb:


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Thanks, I checked all the sponsors and the last link you gave.
Sadly, I still have not come across one. Any other input is greatly appreciated. -BIG DAN:thumb:


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Thanks to everyone for the links and what not. Found alot of good stuff for the future.

What do you guys think of sidepanel tanks and a numberplate tanks.????
-BIG DAN?:thumb:
Try these guys : http://www.clarkemfg.com/
I didn't see one listed for your bike, but give them a call. They might have something that could work.
Side panel or number plate tanks would work also. A large backpack with gas containers will do the job if all else fails.
I got a 4 gallon tank for my old YZ 490 from Clarke. But I think Carl is right though, about not being available for your bike. Number plate / side cover might be the best bet, and a back pack with containers of gas the cheapest.
There is always the boiling water and pressure method. Fill the tank with boiling water and apply some pressure through the vent line. You might get another half gallon of gas. It is temporary as the tank slowly relaxes back to it's original size.


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There is always the boiling water and pressure method.
Excellent, I hadn't thought of this. :thumb:

...a back pack with containers of gas the cheapest.
Agreed, this is what I do now. Couple of fuel containers in the backpack. I'm trying to shed the weight.

A 5 to 6 gallon tank is huge. I thought most desert tanks were 3 to 4 gallons.
I already have 3.7 or something like that, I just get terrible gas mileage. FIVE-HUNDO!!!

Will do, I figured I'd have to make some calls and spend a pretty penny.

THANKS AGAIN for all the help! -BIG DAN:thumb:
Dan, did you know there was only a 1000 WR500's made? One of your main problems is that right there, the frame is unique to the 500, and it was a limited production bike, so finding extravagant accessories is going to be very difficult.


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Dan, did you know there was only a 1000 WR500's made?
I did not know only 1000 were made. I know they are very unique and a GREAT BIKE. I have read EXTENSIVELY on the subject. If you are interested, There is a wealth of knowledge here.

I like this one. Interested in how long something like this can take the abuse?

:lol::lol::lol: That is comedy. I doubt I'll go with that one. HA HA THANKS FOR ALL YOUR HELP.

I KNEW there was no replacement (besides oem) for my tank before I started this thread. I figured that it would bring about the most links...
I started this thread for DBA to have a "desert tank website link thread". You guys have really made it shine. ROOST ALL AROUND -BIG DAN:thumb:

How I roll...