What did you do to your car/truck today?

No photo, hauled 14 cabinets to replace the ones mom doesn’t like in the new house.
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Doesn’t like the shaker, so out with them, and in with Oak, also adding the under counter dishwasher instead of that little portable, sidexside refer, and looking for chocolate colored Corian countertop, with western style knobs, drawer pulls added to go with the Seletto flooring all ready in the house.

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I these will be nice.
And waste not, want not, one of the other houses I bought for the daughters will get a remodel with the old cabinets and appliances.
Nice Palmer.. :thumb:
Wondered if it would start without gulping air then cranking for 30s as the lines filled with air then filled again from the tank ‍‍
1997 W202 Mercedes C250TD with leaky pumped OM605 engine already been through all the outer oem seals filters and new hoses bar 2, just about to order and fit new orings and copper washers on top of the pump at the delivery valves but looking from above its a weep from valve 3-4 and then below it’s pissing out almost with a drip every 10s or so :/
The lowest new hose below the black plug has visible bubbles running through it from or to the lift pump to lower shut off valve, ive already in past 6m replaced the shut off valve to pump housing twice and replaced both torx bolts!
Along with new Bosch main battery, full exhaust from turbo to tail, water pump thermostat and a few more, absolutely love the car but it’s having a laugh 1 in 3 days :(
Anyone owned an OM605 or 606 before??888E38D8-C257-48F1-A7ED-1A24A53B8634.jpegFA13F4A1-9DE4-4543-A679-EEBF40E8D726.jpeg5397CA81-736E-4629-8F94-01B5A08FCE9F.jpeg696AFE70-363C-444D-AC4F-3E24BA21A803.jpeg