What did you do to your bike today?

I use Pirelli tires for my dirt bike too but I don't use the scorpion rear tire though Trfsrfr nice post :thumb:
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My son bought a 2019 CRF 250 R so I figure while the market is high I will sell one of my spare bikes. I debated on the KXF or the YZF and I decided to keep the Yamaha because I’ve got a put a new head on it anyway, I know that engine better and the KX is running great and starts first kick and should be an easy sell. Guy comes over to look at it and it won’t start. So he drives away I feel like a dumb ass and tear into the bike. My son has been riding it and I didn’t really think much about it when he said “I cleaned the air filter “
I should have responded did you OIL the motherfucker or just clean it?

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forgot how expensive moto stuff was
oil and filters and the stuff to service air filters for both bikes, $80
Yeah! I just spent almost $60 on a gasket kit for the gas tank. The kit is basically 3 o-rings, though one of them is an oddball shape. Sometimes I start to think of all the money I would save if I quit riding. Then I realize that I would probably spend much more on psycho therapy and anger management classes if I wasn’t riding. The stuff is actually a bargain if you look at it the right way.
In the other video I was alone but not last! Ain't the most nimble bike but strong as an ox and fast as fk!
here's passing the whole group. The Pilot kept us single file for a lap and I was dead last in line, turned us loose and I passed the whole field ZH2 baby

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