Weed eaters...

anyone have any luck with these things? we've got like 4 of them and they all suck! always have to hand feed the line cause it won't come out automatically or when you tap it and i just tried another one that we had and it just shot all the line out when i turned it on. It seriously takes me like an hour just to do the front yard cause i have to keep winding it up...
Why not just get a job :noidea:

Sorry Red I just could not help myself :P

should have one but she's procrastinating on her part... got a lady opening up another tax and legal document service in another town and she wants me to take over this office. She already said how much i'll be making i'm just waiting for her to start giving it to me... :smirk:
I have an electric one that I have had for years. Not sure what brand it is, but it works good. Tap it on the ground and just enough line comes out. Easy to replace the line when it is gone and works good for my yard. You can always use some scissors..:smirk:
ahh gas dude, have to get a gas one.

are you crazy?? don't you know where he lives? He lives on the far side of US where it is against the law to own anything that puts out noise, fumes, and doesn't run on solar power.. gessh are you trying to kill everyone in the world with those damn 2stoke weed eaters or what James.:bonk: