TT email from Brian...

Who all got one? What are you going to write/did you write back? My main things are making it easy to post from your phone and chat box...


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I got one last week, but haven't reply yet.

I've been trying to figure out what's missing in the new TT, I could seriously live without a chatbox, so it's not that. I think Coffee said it best, when he said "Its lost its soul". I used to know almost everybody in the KX250F & Team TT forums, which is where I spent most of my time. But now I only recognize about 2-3 people in the KX forum, it's lost it's "homey" feeling. So I don't feel like posting anymore.

I've seen a lot of people saying to put it back to the old format. Even if they did I believe the damage is already done. From what I've heard the Home Theater Forum (another Huddler forum) is having the same problems with the members leaving/not posting.

But hey that's why we have Dirt Bike Addicts now. :thumb::ride:
Maybe he doesn't know I'm on here too... He said it's cause I was in the top 250 posters for April but only posted 10 times or less after the change. I just sent this as my reply;

Hey Brian... First off I think the new site looks great but with that being said the site has lost all ease of operation specally to us that post from their phones. Being able to directly paste an IMG code and being able to type smilies is so much quicker and user friendly which equals more posts. The other major thing is the chat box mainly because we can get into actual discussions about things and then post about them in the appropriate forum. I loved having the team chat at the top but when I was on a computer I always had the main chat going. I've gone on several trips with people just because of chat and have had no luck just posting in the CA section.*

I know I've heard talk about a light version coming out and that would be great but as far as the current format I liked it alot better where the sections weren't bunched up. The more new post titles you see the more chance someone has of getting a question answered. I'm on one site or another pretty much 24/7/365 and like to be able just to scroll down and see if anythings new in the sections I'm interested in. I'm on close to 15 sites and since TT has lost it's ease I rarely go there.*

As far as actually posting or replying I've had alot of times where I hit reply and nothing happens. Probably just a bug you guys have already fixed but it just makes me mad after having typed a whole reply to not be able to post it.

I've have been with TT through a few rough times and even was banned with an old screen name because of the good ol TOTP thread. Most others never signed back up after that. Even though I was pissed I really do think TT is a great place with alot of great info so I rejoined. The thing now is that it's more like going to a library than going to a buddies house and tinkering with the bikes. There's no place to just kick back and talk bikes.

I would love to help you guys out more but I'm gonna go check things out before I add stuff that may have already been taken care of or things I may have over looked.*

Hope this helps!
I didnt get an email either. And frankly I dont give a shit. Personally I believe the questions should have been asked BEFORE the switch, not after. Somewhat like BP waiting until now and saying "So, what type of safety devices are you guys selling?"... :bonk:

When I was with Bear Stearns, we introduced a new software application for our secondary clients. We had several of them test it for about 8 months before we dropped it on anyone. It worked perfectly, and pretty well fit everyones idea of what that particular app should look like, prior to implementation.

But hey, reactive beats proactive right? With our first rollout, we learned that it is a good idea to test your target market before losing 30 percent of your customers.