All Tomorrow LPNF or Rowher - Is Tejon even open yet?

Here is some info darling that I just copied and pasted from the website:

Mt. Pinos Ranger District (661-245-3731)

Conditions can change rapidly. Contact the Ranger District for the most current information.

Frazier Mountain Park Road is OPEN up to Mt. Pinos.

Miller Jeep Trail is OPEN.

Grade Valley Road is CLOSED.

Frazier Mountain Rd (8N04) is CLOSED.

Pleito Creek Rd is CLOSED.

Cerro Noroste Rd (9N25) is OPEN.

Alamo Mountain Loop Road (8N01) is OPEN.

Gold Hill Trail is CLOSED.

West Tecuya Trail is CLOSED.

Cherry Creek Road is CLOSED.

West Frazier Tie Road is CLOSED.

* The above listed closures are in addition to seasonally closed gates and roads.

Mount Pinos Ranger District, Frazier Park; 661-245-3731 ... Forest Service - Mt. Pinos Ranger District 34580 Lockwood Valley Rd., Frazier Park 93225 ... Call these dumb asses. It seems to be changing week to week. Read my last post on this thread, Sun.

It seems as though most of the mountain is still closed. Call and ask about Tejon and Whatta. They were open, but they seem to not be able to make up their mind. Check out my last post on the following thread:

Just went up to KTMRack's house to ride in the Western Sierras. Phenomenal riding and similar to up here. Maybe you can join us next time.
Hey my first and second posts were dead serious. I didn't open the door here... but didn't close it either.:smirk:

Sun where did you go and how was it?:thinking:
:shocked: You opened a door alright, I just think it is the wrong one...Why do you keep checking to see if your shoe laces are tied:thinking: