All The semi official DBA eastcoaster ride day....

So this is the semi official eastcoast ride day.
Crow Canyon MX in OH. (thanks to JYD for setting that up)
That will be happening on Memorial Day Weekend and just as a reminder folks, the MX park is closed on that Monday so plan on going home!

I do want to tell everyone involved that they should remember our eastern Brethren from the deep south. (Chokey.. Ekaybe... and a few others) Eventually they will want to hit these ride days up so we will have to find a better more central area for the next year...
Times are tough and I'm hoping to get a couple of my sponsors to throw out some goodies for us but its looking really tight.... 4 yrs ago a bunch of companies helped me with a kids event in PA and sent boxes of stuff from drink cups to T-shirts.... we shall see what happens since budgets have been cut by the millions... Take care.
Thanks for the thread Mihylo, I had a feeling that if I keep making threads on it people would thing I was forcing this on them. That's great that your trying to get us some awesome free MX stuff for the ride, but if you can't don't even stress it, it's no problem. I'm just glad I'll get to see you all there and do some great riding for a couple days! Next year I'll let you guys pick the track. Preferably somewhere in TN or Virgina or something. Considering my folks will get to meet yall and I talk this place up so much, they will be willing to travel a little more. Also, if anyone does want to camp out at Crow for longer, they are typically open 7 days a week 10-6. Though, I doubt anyone will come early. Us whipper snappers have skool, and you old dudes have families and jobs but still if you wanna stick to it.
Last is, is if any of you serious racers want to meet up for a out-of-state race weekend thats good with me. I am heading out of state twice this summer, on to PA and the other to KY or something to race for a change so just lemme know. Plus next year JeremyMach2015 and I hope to do some team hares and stay a weekend at the tracks to hang out and do a little racing so again, lemme know, im up for all competition.
yeah, its goin down with the team harescrambles, i put the ttr 225 on craiglist today, already had a guy called me, he wanted to trade though, but i'm just lookin for cash
got a guy comin out on tuesday to look at the ttr, hes gonna give me 700 cash, also the guys comin out to look at the klx with 2000 cash in hand, its a double dousy:thumb:
Attention: Mom's making a big old pot of chili and my dad plans on making a giant pot of hot dogs, anyone who wantes to eat, help your self, we shall have plenty :thumb: Our chili ain't steak but its pretty damn good anyhow!
Everyone over 18 who IS coming needs to print one of these PDF forms off and turn it in to them when you get there. MS Waiver 2010.pdf

Everyone Under 18 and not with their legal guardians need to get these filled out by their parents minor relase.pdf

And you MUST have it Notarized! Or said minor will not be eligible to ride, but im not sure if anyone really qualifies for that, so not a huge deal, just pointing it out
Don't worry, you don't sign that untill you get there. You only need to have the paper if the minor isn't comming with their legal gaurdians. No proof needed.
I'll say once again, my cabin and a lot of good trail riding are only about 25 minutes away from the track. I do have parking for campers and enough room to put up about 6-8 peeps in the cabin. So, you have a place to go and ride when they close up Crow Canyon! :thumb: Trails can be as easy or as hard as you like! There are plenty to please all! My guess is that I should keep them on the mild side, which is fine! Ton's of those too! :prof: