The Official DBA Members Quote Thread

Go Jackson409!!!!!, he is all set to win this year.
I mean his team is by far the best. He's got Mihylo33 as his crew chief and providing the hookers.
nighthawk016 fine tuning on the carbs, and Naturaledge on the tire selections.
TWS doing his suspensions,
Backing and sponsorship with Dirt bike addicts.
KTMrack is tuning the motors with new top ends and fresh wiring weekly.
Mikeinfresno keeps all the bikes washed and cleaned with fresh river water.
OneLugnut driving the rigs getting them there on time. Bobokyle keeping the rigs going.
Timoyz helping them out with advertisement stickers and merch sales.
Suzukidude providing new boots and gear.
Travace and doing the cooking, Josmoloco nutrition coach with fresh food provided by Buckrun.
Big Dan on the Camera for playback on practices with CDA team race coach.
Rezrider providing the holy grail for practice sessions.
James G. as sports Doc for any injury during the season.
Msgtretired, kick starting his bikes before each race.
2smoke getting him there if any air or boat travel needed.
PBK and v757b providing armed security.
Rockmonster providing entertainment for the after race parties.
Many more in tow, if I forgot anybody sorry.



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Thankfully, I just recently went in for my BS&C waxing (Back, sack, and crack)
:shocked: Saw this at the bottom of the chat page, for some reason I didn't have any desire to read the previous page. :puke: :smirk:
Yea, just like what's the trick? Both N'edge and I need to know! He's afraid to ask....:smirk:...

just hit "reply with qoute" button on the post you want to put here and highlight and copy all of the post with the [qoute] parts included. Then come into this thread and create a new post and paste it into the new post. Thats it:thumb: and you're welcome :smirk: