The Official DBA Members Quote Thread

  1. read from bottom up
  2. [A moment ago] jeremymach2015: WTFFFFFFFFF
  3. [A moment ago] rm125dude: now i gotta clean up the floor
  4. [A moment ago] Emily: you weird ass kid
  5. [A moment ago] Emily: go the fuck away
  6. [A moment ago] Emily: wtf.
  7. [A moment ago] Emily: WTF
  8. [A moment ago] Emily: WTF
  9. [A moment ago] Mojavekid18: wtf dude
  10. [A moment ago] Emily: WTF
  11. [A moment ago] Emily: WTF
  12. [A moment ago] Emily: WTF
  13. [1 minute ago] Emily: WTF
  14. [1 minute ago] rm125dude: and all of a sudden,out of knowwere,i shit my self and diharea was running down my legs and all over the floor and i felt like it was the worst feeling ever
  15. [2 minutes ago] jeremymach2015: lol
  16. [2 minutes ago] Mojavekid18: and a spring jumped out and hit you in the face? :smirk:
  17. [3 minutes ago] rm125dude: and was working on the gs 500
  18. [3 minutes ago] rm125dude: garage
  19. [3 minutes ago] rm125dude: i was in the shop