The Guns Thread

also got a 9mm plinker which will probably see the most rounds, economical and easy to carry.


G3 I assume…..Taurus has been off my radar until about 5 years ago, they seem to have solved their QC issues


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Just a toy for messing around at the range with NVG.
16" 9mm CBC Industries upper w/ 12" ultralight handguard in keymod, A2 birdcage
Anderson Lower, A2 grip, standard lower parts kit, JP spring kit, soild buffer
Mean Arms 9mm magazine conversion kits in magpul bodies
Sig Romeo 5 on 1"+1"
Zenitco Perst-4 Green/IR Laser
940NM IR illuminator

Night vision has a completely different concept for me.
Instead of the red dot as a primary sighting system and iron sights for backup, NVG use IR Laser/Illum as the primary and the red dot as a passive backup.
The added weight near the muzzle is less noticeable when you have the stock buried in your chest looking over the top of the red dot.
Running the dot this high keeps you from moving your head to aquire the dot.
Unable to utilize suppressors, I went with 147grain subsonic 9mm to replicate the recoil and noise of suppressed 5.56.
It's also really cheap to load, and has less gunsmoke to occlude your view.

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Ewwww... dusty barrel.
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Altamont. Fits seamless tight and well made. Took several weeks to get. Double ordered and they never responded to my request to cancel so I have another just like it if you want it. K/L frame round to square butt conversion.
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I figured I'd start a thread on guns since quite a few DBA'ers are gun enthusiasts.
Also, we can talk hunting too! That's right, Buck. :banana:

I'll start out. Last weekend I got a new Remington 700 ADL in .243. It's a great gun overall and I'm excited to take it hunting. Shoots pretty dag-on good using 100 grain Core-Lokts. Sighting in the scope this weekend maybe.

The other gun is my brother's new Remington 870 20 gauge.

Yeehaw! Let's get to some gun talkin'!
I use a Savage 220 20g slug shotgun for deer hunting. Can accurately shoot up to 400 yards. I shot my first buck and for last year. Took only 2 shots, both went through their respective deers hearts and lungs, 2 perfect shots. The buck was 175 lbs gutted, doe was 100 gutted. I can’t wait to go again next year