The Famous CDA Bike Wipe Down (Proof)


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:devil: I won't say how I got these as somebody will have to go into protective custody.:devil:

And see it only runs on the stand.:devil:

:lol: how do you move it if its still on the stand, wheeles? on the stand of corse, not on the bike, the bike dosent need wheeles :thinking:
Actually, if you watch the video, you can't see that guy's face, sooo, I was never there.....:devil:
Oh no you were there we just could not get you or your bike off of the stand! :prof:

Maybe at TDay we can convince/shame you into removing the bike from the stand :thumb:
CDA Stand Removal

OK, so someone took my bike off the stand and took off down the road and I caught it on film. Now I need to polish this thing back up....:smirk: