the australian thread

OK a quick quiz for those of you who know Australian riders who made it to the U.S "HINT" = Who do you think these two young guy's are :thumb:, I'm probably sooooo in the s**t when or if they know I posted them up.

Jason Reed

No, but a good guess, I don't think many know these two in the photo's are cousins, only reason I knew I am friends of the family of the guy not solved. James could probably cheat and have a look at my friends list on F.B, but that would bugger up the quiz, so no cheating James :)!!
Ok I'll let you know who the other little guy is, it's Craig Anderson, the other rider who I seen grow up into a good rider is Danny Ham, actually Lakes has been a place that has produced some really good riders. Cessnock was the other great local track which seen some good riders come out of the club. Appin, Lower Mountains etc etc, the list goes on, were awesome tracks too, but not local, that produced some good riders and were really nice people to mingle with.


Question: Does everything down-under really cost you guys 2 to 3 times what we pay in the states for bikes, parts, and products? :noidea:

Do you guys really have a pouch in your belly to carry spare parts and water?
I was just thinking that being a marsupial would be really handy when riding! :prof:

We only have one of them in North America...what is it? It's a Jeopardy question. DOUBLE JEOPARDY! You can bet some or all of your total....:thinking:

And what is it about their tail that is different? :prof:

This is an Aussie and US question!

>>Que the " Final Jeopardy" theme song...<<