Thanks Everyone


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James, you need to be workin on adding some of these cool emoticon thingys Diva's sportin on her post! :prof:..
You mean like this one
Hell that should be your avatar. :bonk: for Sun becoming a "post-whore" she's got a little work ahead of her! Not saying whoring is work but...well, you know!
:rolleyes: What's up with all this post whoring speak lately?
You know these bloody wankers. They want to be popular and this is the only way they can be. :lol:

Listen here new-b............:P

I didn't start it, I think PBK and Tee-Rav did in the chat box some time ago...I saw it and it stuck! Must have stuck some others too.....:smirk: Now change my avatar please sir! Thank you!