Injured Swing-arm vs. Leg

Okay so I was in a pretty bad accident recently where my leg got trapped between the swing arm and rear tire. Don't ask me how it got there but it did.
The FD had to cut off my swing arm to get my leg out.
I think her leg was wedged in between the rim and swing arm.
Your exactly right, my leg some how got stuck inbetween the swing arm and the rim!
Heres a picture of where they cut it, my foot was wedged between where I circled it.
And this is exactly why we pay money for boots, and gear, if I wasn't wearing everything needed my foot could of easily been gone.:prof:
That is the most bizarre thing to have happen, I wouldn't have believed it with out pics. Glad you are OK.
Yeah the workers who've been there 20+ years have never seen it happen before except for at the hill climbs when someone kicks off of someone elses bike.
For those who might be wondering on my current condition; I went back to the doctors again today for a follow up appt with my surgeons.
As far as the burn goes its looking awesome and should take about a month or so more until it's better; no more skin grafts for me!:D
And the brake itself is doing very well I'm in a walking boot(have been since late September) and I can walk without crutches for a few minutes. Starting physical therapy on Thursday and all I should be walking very soon!:thumb:
right on :rocker: good to hear.

ohh and that paranormal activity... the first one was supposed to take place in a city right next to the one i live in and the house is a track home really similar to the one i live in.... that freaked my wife out :lol: