Snow Trials (12-11-10)

A couple weeks ago, there was over a foot of snow locking-up the higher altitudes so it was goodbye for the winter ... I thought.

Staged in the upper dez Saturday and did some climbs, some ridges...



Got into a 5k mountain range and we noticed that the upper levels across the valley were'nt as white as we thought they would be.

Fortunately, we were packin' spare gas so ...


70-degrees on the dez, light winds ... so what are the chances we could do better?

Who cares, it's always an adventure up top. ... :banana::ride:

Ever wonder how trials tires do in snow?
Did you know they don't leave tracks in it?


Following this shot, the fun began.
Snow roosters, slip-n-slide ... snow paddy surfing...

Perrrrrrfect weather!!!!!!!!

Wound-up the day coming down out of paradise but missed Krusty's dirt nap ... just got a photo of the aftermath...


Down and out then back to the dez...


Ended a 77 mile day with some fine hops and grains.

Thank God for the early thaw... :banana:
Last spring I swapped out my trials tire for a knobby before the Kennedy Meadows trail maintenance which always involves a hundred snow banks which can be six feet deep. I figured that the trials tire might not be the best tire to have. This last weekend I also found some snow on my ride and I sure found out that trials tires are not optimum for the snow. Well I was hitting not nice fresh snow, it was more like compressed hard snow/ice.

Nice pics and vids. Looks like a great day of riding.
Sweet RR nbeze. That area looks real familiar..:thinking: On that first pick it looks like you can hit the little goat trail on the left at a good rate a speed and pop off that little rock step and pop over that bush to the right and land on the up hill trail about where Krusty is coming down, grab a handful when you land and do a nice wheelie the rest of the way up the hill....

At least that is what my imagination is telling me....:devil:
That looks pretty fun, wish I could have been there to test the 2smoke trials tire! We had to settle with Laughlin..........:banana:
Rode the 530 last year w/trial tire in the snow-thought it did ok, a lil slippery.
Sure does look purrdy out there, The trails look like they could be purrdy fast too if there wasn't somuch snow :thumb: