Show us Your Trucks!

Palmer, clean out your inbox :foul:

If you haven't already, look into TTORA. It's a toyota based offroading forum. Plenty of information regarding tech, and of course trail runs.

The SoCal Chapter (sub forum of the national board) where you can find upcoming events (official club events and individual runs) Theres a wide variety of runs that are posted from easy easy shit, to the well known crawling kingdom "THE HAMMERS" (johnson valley).

There is a run coming up in a few weekends you might be interested in up at Last Chance Canyon. I have never been there in the truck, only on the bike. But it looks like a pretty fun trail, at least the notch does. I won't be there with my truck (LPNF gets the funds this month :smirk:) but, ill be there as a passenger.
'98 silverado