Should i jet bigger?

Getting my bike ready to sell. Has trouble cold idling and throttle response is sort of sluggish.

2003 XR100r FMF powercore 4 and the jets are a 35 pilot and 100 main. Sounds like only the main was changed.

I was thinking going up to a 105 main and 38 pilot, would the larger idle fix my cold idling problems? If these are too big/small suggestions would help. CR250 HERE I COME!:ride:
you say 35 is stock and i can tell you that going from the stock on a XR will open it WAY up, so either got to 38 or maybe 40 pilot and 1 up on the main so probably 105, but do them 1 at a time, starting with the pilot
well, not necessarily, pilot effects all throttle range, where as the main only effects top RPM range, so try 38-100 then if you still have bog try the 105, but do them 1 at a time, also check your plug to see if you are running lean or rich, lean is white or gray rich is black, a little rich isn't a bad thing though