Other Rokon!

How do you transfer power to the front drive belt from the motor? I'm guessing that's what that belt is all about.
Power comes off the engine straight up to what they call a "miter box". It's a small assembly that works like an automotive rear-end. One side of the miter box has a sprocket that drives the rear wheel, the other side turns a driveshaft that runs through the frame backbone tube to another miter box. There's a U-joint at the steering pivot point. That's a chain going down to the front wheel.
I am wondering how long can one ride without any suspension. :shocked: that has to be hard on the ole :moon:
This site has great emoticons (smileys) and you picked a good one. Yeah, the only suspension is two 15 X 8" Bighorn tires with 2.5 psi in them. If you used the fuel capacity of the rims that little Honda would be good for about 18 hours of ride time.
Serious, maybe permanent monkey-butt would happen. You learn to remind yourself that this thing isn't a motorcycle, it's a device that makes it a lot better than walking and carrying or dragging. It's still fun though.