Other Rokon!

I've seen a few over the years on the trail. After the "what the heck is that" factor wears off they get passed like they were going the other direction.

They are kind of like a utility quad. They will go anywhere, just not fast. I could see it for hunting or something.
If I remember correctly the hubs are hollow and you can carry gas or water in there. Each holds several gallons. Might impact that floating thing.
>Link to eastern ride<

Southern Ohio has some of the best lawless rides in the world! Too bad I can't challenge hillclimbguy! Nothing is level out here! Being on the balls of your feet and getting your chin intimate with your front fender is a way of life! :smirk:

Edit: XR's never quit till they get to the top and you tell them to quit! How bo I beat these newer KTM's and big 4 new bikes? you tell me!
hey buckrun, a couple guys are clearing out widow maker hill this spring in wellsville, i will have a cr 250 by then and im gonna film me climbin that shit on my helmet cam, hardest hill in wellsville, no other hills compare to it
They are a kick. I finally found a junker and put a Honda 125 trike engine in. It will go anywhere.