Random Photos

I have been a Makers Mark ambassador for a couple years now and they occasionally send me things... usually around christmas time... this year i got this...

:rocker: nice if i go out for any new years my whisky wills tay nice and cozy warm.

makers mark :puke: along with knobb creek! both of those have been the most messed up nights of my life...
gotta love a car that has more hp than it weighs... :banana:


Looks like the back of the tub's been raised a little bit to help keep you inside when you "jump on it" ! :smirk:

Nice looking ride...the only way you can make a Studey look good is to "hot rod" the crap outof it...You could probably do the same thing with an Edsel ... :shocked:....maybe not!
Yeah ill try and get video of it next time he comes over, it'll carry the front end about an foot off the ground with the tires smoking for a good 100ft or so :eek: