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Christoph 1990 & 2011 Berlin Wall

there is some other good ones at this site. Warning tho there is one that is technically NSFW but its just a topless woman and its not pornographic.
Dang straight:thumb:

he actually replyed to me on facebook. I was wondering what kinda of expense and time one is looking at to be able to fly wing suits. Jeb told me that you need 500 sky dive jumps under your belt before they let you do wing suits. I think he did post a guy that will start your training in the wing suits before 500 jumps tho.

If i was loaded rich i would be doing this. im not even sure how long it would take me to do 500 jumps. Not knowing anyone i doubt someone not in the community of skydiving could get more then a jump a day so it would take quite some time im thinking. Then think about how much it would cost... So not realistic to become a wing suit guy but dam i wish i could.