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We own many apartment units in the So Cal area. It has been a family business for years. Sister does the bookwork, my brothers and I do all the repairs with offspring now kicking in to help out. I have pretty much retired since my mom passed. Well, nobody knows how to work on the laundry machines so I buy and maintain as needed and the money goes into repair and new units when needed. Most appliance guys are 75 per call and 80 per hour to repair so yours truly learned at an early age how they work so we can keep the money in the family. I have found my share of shit, and broken parts from overloading but never has such a small garment stopped up the works of a commercial machine. Last week I pulled a baby sock from a washer water pump. Today was this in the dryer blower. image.jpg
Girls, aren't these supposed to be run on delicate? :naughty: :lol: :lol: :lol:
fuck. well i was really bumed out when i started to look it up cause i really was going to grow me some of those....
However, the objects are not naturally growing "fruit" as suggested in the message. In fact, they are the work of Vietnamese artist, Nguyen Thi Hoai Mo. They are modelled after luffas (Vietnamese gourds) that are a popular food plant in Vietnam. The Look At Vietnam website discussed the artwork luffas, noting in a December 2011 blog post:


dude is awesome tho.