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I am very excited for this movie...:clap:. Godzilla is a bad ass, the original Godzilla. I didn't mind the Godzilla (who's just called Zilla now) in the 1998 movie so much, but the movie sucked. Cool monster bad movie. I have been a fan of Godzilla since I was filling my Godzilla diapers:smirk:. This new one should be pretty good.

Here is the teaser trailer

Nice work Gary looks awesome!
It is very nice work. I wish I had the know how to do this kinda stuff.
i wish i had the money and the willingness to get my fat lazy ass up and do it :P

props gary
That's awesome Gary. Very nice job indeed. :thumb:

Thank you very much guys.
Bruce, not hard to do, just tedious, time consuming!
Trav, not to expensive if you shop around and put stuff together that works. I'll do a break down on cost when I get a chance, but the field tile in the shower was only .35 each.
Just got back to the So Cal house. Next trip is day after Christmas-New Years. This will be the final for that bathroom, and I start on the Kitchen.