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wow, 2 strokes... and how tall are you? your lucky you can fit so comfortably on a full size bike so early. I think I reached my 5'7" at 17 haha I still remember one year, realizing I could touch without laying my bike flat on ground :lol:
I have yet to reach 5'7". :(

I have yet to reach 5'7". :(

I'm 5'7 in shoes. with a hat. while holding my breath.:wink: haha Im actually not even sure what my exact height is. I haven't been to a check up for years and years.. they never give me any useful info about myself like that anyways hahaha.. I'm bustin out the take measure tomorrow and checking. hopefully I'm taller than I think. THAT WOULD BE SWEET :thumb:
My man Gary Giffen from 50+ setting me up with some glow swagg for the night motos :thumb:580988_331561080240741_100001605556874_937416_1262435023_n.jpg
My moto training bike, 3 days a week on the bike and in the weight room and 2 of arobics and a couple days a week of work
Lets just say I might as well be in gymnastics :lol:
I remember when I was real young, somebody protested me cause I had to use a block of wood at the gate to put my foot on... the rest of the year, I just made a huge dirt pile in place of the wood, but that was ok :confused: