Random Photos

my trailer doesn't have brakes, my isuzu doesn't have a brake controller anyway.

Its quite nice, its got lay down work tables in it already, some dealership in albuquerque used it for their desert racing efforts which has ceased so my friend and I picked it up for an undisclosed amount :devil:
That's Birdman :lol:

This is a real picture of them. I'm going to naturally assume the notebook thing was brought on by this. :lol:

i remember hearing something about this. it was a big deal in the hip hop community. they were starting to ask if they were lovers and dude got pissed cause that is his son. maybe not biological but i guess the bald one raised lil Wayne or something like that. he considers the kiss as if it was a loving father kissing his son. Which i dont see a issue with.... up till a certain age. I still kiss my son goodnight every night but soon he will hit that age where it is just hugs.... my son or not its not right to kiss another man on the lips like that :lol: