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What is it with abandoned boats in the desert?:noidea:
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This one had a nice book on boating. Filled with all kinds of useful information.:prof:

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Yeah, why is that?
When the human race dies off and space cats from the Andromeda galaxy discover earth they will think the desert was a vast body of water used for recreational purposes and not for off-road racing. Damn you Sierra club!
It’s steeper than it looks and sounds like I was a bit lazy that day. Got my ass handed to me by trails I usually make it up. They’re never easy hills but for some reason, .. I like to blame the GoPro. And I’m not ashamed to say some days I just ride like shit!

and, we put 2-3 hours in the bikes that day, and I just clipped out the funny stuff.
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yes he did that on purpose
Uh.... did you see the boat pic? It’s the desert, what gets abandoned either gets burned gawked at, or honored. Kind of like grafitti in Detroit. Some artful, some not.
Cool stuff , probably some good parts out there ..... never seen anything like that ..... now I'm curious ,, where is this ,, what's it all about ?
This is the Husky Monument. It was started in the late 80’s by some guys who had lost one of their riding buddies. They buried the Husky he rode up to it’s axels out in the desert by one of his favorite trails as a memorial. Over the years other people have added memorials to their friends and family. I go by there once a year, or so, and am always surprised by how much it has grown. This visit I noticed that Dan Gurney had a plaque out there. I didn’t know he had died but I did know that he was a motorcyclist. I remember reading about his alligator motorcycles.
The Monument is on public land and there is always fear that the government will come and clean it all up and say that there was never any permits or some BS. The place has become kind of a spot now and I don’t think even the government is stupid enough to mess with it.