Please ask your GF/Wife/Maid or whoever washes your Jersey........

ok boys, gotta have the woman to git r done...

WHAT kind of dirt is it? if its red clay it has lots of iron in it, soak in some whink(little brown bottle) then wash with detergent and borax. borax is a water softener/degreaser which breakes the chemcal bond between dirt n fiber, its great to use with detergent anyways. borax is also great to clean air filters with, basically the same stuff as the no-toil powder(and way less expensive)

blood--soak overnight in cold water, swiush it a couple times. if you dont and run blood stainss thru a dryer it sets for good, it may fade over time

if you wash something and the stain doesnt come out, DONT put it in the dryer it will set the stain.

NEVER put pants, jerseyys, gloves in the dryer, it breaks down the fibers and glue, makes fibers brittle

dishwashing liquid is great for greasy stains, put a blob of straight soap on stain, rub it in, let it set overnight, then wash on HOT

otherwise why cry about dirt stains, that just means you actually and arent a pit tootsie poser:moon:
Everything PP said. Plus I pull my gear out right when I get home and Spray and Wash the dirt spots. I only Wash my gear in Cold and NEVER throw them in the dryer. While your at it, pop the lenses out your goggles and throw them in the wash with your jerseys, they will come out all brand new. I also wash my jersey's separate from the pants.

But then again, my gear stays clean, because I am sitting in my chair all day....:P
I do my own, high quality soap-Tide and do not be cheap on the amount.
A splash of pine sol, wash with lid up so it stops and will not go to rinse.
Leave overnight, in the morning put the lid down and then wash again.
No stains.
it depends upon the type of dirt as mentioned by PP and the fabric. Some cleans better. Some dirt just wont come out due to its chemistry, like a rust stain.