Pirelli Trials Tire for Trails and Dessert racing.

I use a tube just like a regular knobbie. They have tube & tubless trials tires, no difference except for the lip at the rim. The tubless tend to become unseated easier that then tube models at lower pressures. It varies by brand but some people report tubless Dunlap become unseated in the 8psi range, mine was ok down to 5 psi.

Not a big deal if the bead unseats, depending on how it is ridden of course.

When I do get my next back tire, it will be the Pirelli MT43. I think most everybody still runs a tube too, don't they?
I just tried the trials tire on some really loose shale hill climbs and i couldnt get it to hook up. While my buddies with nobbies did much better. this would make sense because the trials tires dont "dig" I kinda just stick on the top. where the shale would just move out from under the wheel it didnt hook up well.
seems like in a perfect world we would all have three different wheels one with a bing nasty knobby, a paddle, and a trials tire.