Pirelli Trials Tire for Trails and Dessert racing.

Question, what kinda psi do you guys run front and back, do you run more in he front so you don' ding a rime?

I took a air source and tire gauge and experimented for a few hours. I tried all sorts of pressures. 7 rear 10 front for max traction, maybe 15 in both for any type of road work (I have a plate).

Just to be clear: not many people use a front trials tire, but I do.
I had run the rear before with a front knobby, and just switched to both front and back... about 15 pounds is what I'm running, only because I get a lot of pinch flats... I've heard 8-10 works good; run a HD or ultra HD tube

but I am a pinch flat waiting to happen and string some hiway miles with rocky trails and sand...
I run a Pirelli DOT knobby on the front and the MT43 rear at about 11. No pinch flats so far. Due to the taller sidewall I feel that the pinch resistance is about the same a 11 as a knobby at 14 or 15. The traction is unreal.

Like Timo is saying I wasn't sure I really trusted it in the desert. I still don't know if I trust it 100%, but I'm up to 85% or so. The only way to know it to try one. Some like then and some hate them. Tires are a very subjective area. What works for one might not for another.

With the ultra HD tubes costing $20 to $30 it makes the $99 tubliss system look a lot more attractive.
the only problem i have seen with the tubliss system is that when it sits for a long time or gets cold bead sealing tube looses pressure and they will go flat. but just fill them up and go no prob. my dad runs the tubliss and we havent had any problems other than that one. the do however give you a kind of squishy feel though. But if your looking to shave weight they will make the bike feel a little lighter
You can almost smell it!:banana:

With the ultra HD tubes costing $20 to $30 it makes the $99 tubliss system look a lot more attractive.

I have had a rear Bridgestone Ultra HD last a half dozen tires on the rear. Sold the bike to my buddy and it still on
9 months later.
So do you guys run tubes as a general rule or not?

I use a tube just like a regular knobbie. They have tube & tubless trials tires, no difference except for the lip at the rim. The tubless tend to become unseated easier that then tube models at lower pressures. It varies by brand but some people report tubless Dunlap become unseated in the 8psi range, mine was ok down to 5 psi.

Not a big deal if the bead unseats, depending on how it is ridden of course.